Corey Jackson and ScrubCan Profiled in Sunday’s Fresno Bee

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Corey Jackson and ScrubCan Profiled in Sunday’s Fresno Bee

Profile of Corey Jackson and ScrubCan in Sunday’s Fresno Bee

Corey Jackson, CEO and founder of ScrubCan was profiled in Sunday’s Fresno Bee dated September 13, 2015.  The article is in the Business Section.  You can access the article here (subscription may be required).

History of ScrubCan

The Article in Sunday’s Fresno Bee recounts the history of how Scrub Can came to be.  Starting when Corey was a leading rusher on the Bullard High School football team, he knew that he wanted to create a business as an entrepreneur.

Corey Jackson and Scrubcan

Dirty trash cans can be an environmental and health risk when not addressed.  Corey came up with a solution to address the problem quickly, efficiently, and in an environmentally-friendly way.  The solution is ScrubCan.

What makes ScrubCan unique?

ScrubCan is a lot more than just a high pressure washer.  Corey invented a way to efficiently recycle almost all of the water used in the cleaning process.  The entire process takes less than a minute per trash can and recycles almost all of the water used in the trash can cleaning process.  We are working to make the process so that we are recycling all of the water used.

Why Clean your solar panels?

The article mentioned a new service we are rolling out that we are very excited about, a solar panel cleaning service.

When you spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a new car, you protect your investment by servicing your car regularly and keeping your vehicle clean.  Solar panels are not any different.

Dirty solar panels can reduce the service life of your solar energy system and decrease the efficiency of your system by up to 20%.  The result is that your solar energy system does not produce all of the electricity that it could if it was running at 100% efficiency.  This translates into more money out of your pocket.

ScrubCan Solar Panel Cleaning

We invested several thousands of dollars to buy the best solar panel cleaning equipment on the market.  The same drive towards efficiency that we used to create our trash can cleaning service is being applied towards cleaning your solar panels.  The result to our solar panel cleaning customers is most likely a longer service life and more efficient solar panels resulting in a better return on investment.


We have known Corey to be a enterprising and enthusiastic leader regarding all of the things he believes in, primarily entrepreneurship and ScrubCan.  We are happy to see that others such as the Fresno Bee are taking notice as well.  Great job Corey Jackson and ScrubCan.

Sign up today for ScrubCan residential trash can cleaning services, other commercial services or our solar panel cleaning services.

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