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Frequently asked questions regarding ScrubCan trash can cleaning service.

Why do I need my trash can cleaned?

Trash and recycling cans are full of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Cleaning and sanitizing trash cans on a regular basis contributes to the health of your family. It also controls insects and odors. We recommend cleaning the inside of your trash can and recycling bins at least once a month.

When will we scrub your cans?

Our service day will coincide with normal trash pickup. We will visit each home on their regular trash collection day. We’ll clean, sanitize, and deodorize each empty cart and leave them on the curb in the same place we found them.

Will all my trash cans be cleaned?

Yes. We will clean one each, trash, recyclables and compost cans, up to three solid waste cans.

What if I forget that ScrubCan is coming and put my trash cans away?

If the cans are visible from the street, reasonably accessible to us, and empty, we will roll them down to the street, and when we are finished, return them to where they were located.

How do you clean trash cans to address health risks?

ScrubCan does just not use high pressure water, we use a combination of water heated to 250 F and steam to do our best to kill harmful biological agents. We can’t guarantee that we will kill 100% of harmful biological agents but we will do our best.

Does ScrubCan offer other services?

Yes, ScrubCan offers trash can cleaning to not only residential customers but commercial and industrial clients as well. We also provide steam cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and fleet cleaning services. Contact us if you need any additional residential or commercial services.

How To Order

    3 Cans, Once every 6 Months, 2 Services per Year
    3 Cans, Once every 12 Months, 1 Service per Year
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