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How do your dumpsters and enclosures reflect on your business or the properties you manage? Filthy and unkept commercial trash bins impregnate the air with putrid smells and other residue. This residue is not only difficult to remove but also attracts pests, creating a focus point of germs and diseases which can lead to health concerns and increased illnesses. Whether in a warehouse or back corridor, trash containers become disease agents and pests can easily migrate to nearby areas alongside germs that are tracked inside restaurants and businesses. Regular cleaning of trash containers can help prevent all of this. Just like taking out the trash, bin cleaning is also on a regular basis allows establishments to show clean working conditions and showcases the importance placed on health and safety compliance.

ScrubCan’s commercial cleaning services provide an easy and affordable solution. We clean and sanitize trash bins using environmentally safe cleaning agents and use only recycled water that is again recovered by our service vehicles. Furthermore, our cleaning services are compliant with the City of Fresno’s environmental standard which keeps you compliant with all EPA and city regulations.

ScrubCan will schedule service for trash bins after trash pick-up, ensuring only clean and sanitized bins are left. Services are flexible and reliable, including nights and weekends. You receive after-cleaning photos with your invoices to insure job is up to our high standards. We also offer quarterly and monthly service options to cover our customer’s needs.



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