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ScrubCan is committed to resource conservation and to an environmentally responsible business model. Our business begins from the idea that cleaning services must be environmentally conscious. Especially in a region like the central valley, where drought conditions and resource conservation practices need to be part of the way we do business.

Our versatile services means we have the perfect cleaning solution for almost any job; from residential, to commercial and industrial. With our special ecologic pressure washing equipment, cleaning time is reduced by 50%. This also means that 50% less energy and water is used to obtain outstanding cleaning performance.

How We Work for You

Our steam cleaning, pressure washing and sanitation services can be applied to different types of job sizes, letting us accommodate a variety of cleaning needs. Some applications of our services include fleet cleaning, undercarriages and engines, buildings and area pressure washing, interior cleaning of refrigerated cars, shipping containers,trailers, sidewalks and parking lots. As well as sanitation of food processing facilities and other equipment.

Our process consists of delivering hot steam at high pressure to remove the dirt, mold, dust, and grime from any surface; returning things to their true value and leaving them looking like new. Furthermore, our cleaning services are compliant with the City of Fresno’s environmental standard.

ScrubCan pressure washing services let you keep your business and surrounding facilities clean and presentable without hassle. It takes on the cleaning task so that you can focus on your business. We offer monthly and quarterly memberships as well as variable service times depending on your need. Our services are efficient and reliable with service-time options that include nights and weekends.



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