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Easy and cost effective solution to public health and environmental problems in your community

Woman-Holding-Her-NoseDirty trash cans can lead to serious problems over time including:

  • Rodent control problems
  • Bad/foul/putrid odors
  • Breeding ground for dangerous germs and bacteria

ScrubCan garbage can cleaning service is a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution that helps rid dangerous germs and bacteria, protecting your family and community from disease, bad odors, and rodent problems.

Protecting your family’s health and improving public health

By eliminating a known breeding ground for dangerous germs and bacteria, you can help protect your family’s health and in turn improve public health.

Eliminates foul odors

Our trash can cleaning services eliminates the foul odors that build up in your trash can that can attract harmful rodents and pests, and keep your trash can storage area smelling good.

Environmentally friendly

We save tons of water compared to traditional cleaning methods. ScrubCan uses an innovative steam-pressure cleaning process which uses a minimum amount of water and kills dangerous germs and bacteria before they can do harm.

ScrubCan is cost-effective and easy

Our trash can cleaning services are cost effective and are scheduled after trash pickup in your neighborhood so you never have to take your trash cans out to clean them. ScrubCan works with individual homes and homeowner associations to service entire communities.

How ScrubCan Works

The ScrubCan cleaning process starts with recycled water that is heated to 250 degrees. When used to clean trash cans, a combination of very hot water and steam is shot at very high pressure removing any loose grime and sludge. Used water is captured by a built in containment system that catches most of the runoff from the cleaning process.

How To Order

    3 Cans, Once every 6 Months, 2 Services per Year
    3 Cans, Once every 12 Months, 1 Service per Year
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